A great photographer


Taylor Urruela US Army
Man in a skirt? Gimme!

A bit of “fan-girling” here.

I’m writing this post to promote a favorite of mine, the amazing photos by Michael Stokes.

Now I admire the work of mr. Stoke for several reasons. Of course he takes mouth-watering photos of some really hot men, and he does it well. But one of the reasons I admire him is that one of his main projects is taking photos of veterans, both men and women, especially amputees. This is really great work and he captures their beauty, making the wounded veterans and their scars into work of art.

Redmond Ramos Navy Corpseman
Cute and playfull in a serious setting
Uncensored version of Mary Dague, EOD tech, US Army and cancer survivor.  This photo has been removed by Instagram and Facebook, both citing a violation of their Community Standards and Guidelines.  
Only this once: appreciation of female beauty, and an amazing photographer

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