Behind it all

We are two people behind this blog.

The Sow

There are just not enough female pigs in the world! So I have decided to start this blog as a free space for the women who, like me, have a true appreciation for awesomeness of men.


Power by name and power by reputation

Heterosexual female.
I like men.
I love sex.

And this should not be a newsflash in 2016, but MOST HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN DO!

And I am damned proud of it.

So I will use my powers and this for good:
The appreciation of male beauty.

That is EXACTLY as sexist as it sounds


If you don’t understand this by the nature of our blog posts, we’re probably poor writers, (then again, we do this for our own entertainment), the point is this: this blog is meant for entertainment purposes and is not to be taken to seriously. That being said, all the stories are at least 98% the truth, nothing but the truth, so on and so forth.




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