Life time achievement award: Brad Pitt!

Ever since I saw the movie Thelma & Louise the now so renowned actor/producer/director Brad Pitt was in my teenage head the epitome of male beauty.  While Powerfem and I do recognize the many achievements of both his career and personal life, this blogpost is dedicated to Brad Pitt’s life time of being.. well… dead sexy!

From the early days…


To more recent years..




From the movie snatch.



And here, a perfect example of Obliquus Externus Abdominis





And here is a picture from a scene in the movie Troy that always gives me the “shivers”…

last ned


All in all, the Powerfem and I agree that Brad Pitt is MOST deserving of a life time achievement award in the category “Sex on Two Legs.”

images (5)
And eyes that can pierce you with a look…

Enjoy, little piggies!


Papa bear!

Hairy or not hairy?

When it comes to chest hair (a little, a lot or not at all) it’s a matter of taste. However, in the humble opinion of The Sow the hair maketh the man! To make my case, I present to you the following:

Exhibit A


Exhibit B:



Still not convinced? Maybe the chest hair of some A-list celebrities will change your opinion.

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I know what you are thinking… this amount of hair is barely enough to bury your face in.

Well, I present “la piece de la resistance” and my hairy favorite at this time:

And those dark, dark eyes...

Ah, yes. Wouldn’t mind curling up to that papa bear…. 🙂


Benedict Cumberbatch

Busy as I am with kids, husband, dog, house and a full time job, I am pretty late to catch on to any new popular culture or trend. And I mean YEARS late :p So I didn’t take time to try out the BBC series “Sherlock”  untill quite recently, when I found my self sitting up late and drinking wine, while the rest of the family had gone to bed hours before.

And I gotta say, by the end of the episode, I had to declare myself a cumberbitch! (Like so many, many, MANY other women out there)  So much so, I just HAD to go on the interwebs to see if I could find any saucy pictures of this actor ( Don’t judge. It was late and I was drunk and randy).

This is what I found:


Weeeell, fuck me sideways!!!!

This will do… This will do nicely.

Thank you, Mr. Cumberbatch!



The Sow