Chocolate and coffee
Cute and hot

Dark, sweet, hot and steamy! Especially Powerfem has a sweet tooth.

Sensual and dark

Powerfem admits her taste is definitely on the darker end of the scale, but fear not, fellow female oglers, we will celebrate male beauty broadly.

For now, enjoy these beautiful men.

The ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed man
Oh, I want my baby’s back

And feel free to make suggestions of what you’d like to see

Sincerely, Powerfem & The Sow


Hunky men, just because

Hello ladies and lads!

We, the Sow and Powerfem, are really lousy about updating this blog.  You probably wouldn’t know from the our posts here, but we are both happily entangled with hunks of our own. (Oh yes, innuendo intended!) They know we have this blog, and they fully endorse it. I, Powerfem, have a small hope that I can post pics of my man sometime, but no promises. Meanwhile, I’ll just share some amazing photos from our favorite photographer Michael Stokes. I thought about having a theme for this post, but I’ll save that for later.




Oh yes, you know EXACTLY what we speak of

Those soft, almost boyish looks paired with a definitive manliness.  Soft eyes, square jaws, ripped muscles, but with a softness that begs to be touched….

puppy1Look at this… almost coy

We love their rounded muscles, their puppy-dog eyes, the warm glow of their skin.

You look so sad… come here, let mommy take care of you
Oooh wearing big boy pants!
Look at that pout 


From webpage

Of course we have a celebrity example



The Sow and PowerFem


Life time achievement award: Brad Pitt!

Ever since I saw the movie Thelma & Louise the now so renowned actor/producer/director Brad Pitt was in my teenage head the epitome of male beauty.  While Powerfem and I do recognize the many achievements of both his career and personal life, this blogpost is dedicated to Brad Pitt’s life time of being.. well… dead sexy!

From the early days…


To more recent years..




From the movie snatch.



And here, a perfect example of Obliquus Externus Abdominis





And here is a picture from a scene in the movie Troy that always gives me the “shivers”…

last ned


All in all, the Powerfem and I agree that Brad Pitt is MOST deserving of a life time achievement award in the category “Sex on Two Legs.”

images (5)
And eyes that can pierce you with a look…

Enjoy, little piggies!

A great photographer


Taylor Urruela US Army
Man in a skirt? Gimme!

A bit of “fan-girling” here.

I’m writing this post to promote a favorite of mine, the amazing photos by Michael Stokes.

Now I admire the work of mr. Stoke for several reasons. Of course he takes mouth-watering photos of some really hot men, and he does it well. But one of the reasons I admire him is that one of his main projects is taking photos of veterans, both men and women, especially amputees. This is really great work and he captures their beauty, making the wounded veterans and their scars into work of art.

Redmond Ramos Navy Corpseman
Cute and playfull in a serious setting
Uncensored version of Mary Dague, EOD tech, US Army and cancer survivor.  This photo has been removed by Instagram and Facebook, both citing a violation of their Community Standards and Guidelines.  
Only this once: appreciation of female beauty, and an amazing photographer

Papa bear!

Hairy or not hairy?

When it comes to chest hair (a little, a lot or not at all) it’s a matter of taste. However, in the humble opinion of The Sow the hair maketh the man! To make my case, I present to you the following:

Exhibit A


Exhibit B:



Still not convinced? Maybe the chest hair of some A-list celebrities will change your opinion.

6561cd6441ae3379627a4fdf77f085b00ecf30f5 (2)

I know what you are thinking… this amount of hair is barely enough to bury your face in.

Well, I present “la piece de la resistance” and my hairy favorite at this time:

And those dark, dark eyes...

Ah, yes. Wouldn’t mind curling up to that papa bear…. 🙂


Working men

What is sweeter than a man with a slight sheen of sweat?  We love our working men.

From my book “Exhibition”
First, the mandatory cowboy
Colin Wayne
Wondering if I am on fire? Yes, yes I am. At least to hot to handle if you’re not profesional
Oh, officer. Your uniform is not up to code. Let me…handle that
Hello nurse!
Seems you have forgotten your shirt… Oh I don’t mind!
A lot of police in this area. Oh my, don’t mind me. I’ll just stand here and enjoy the scenery
You seem tired after a long day at work, let me help you get comfy