Benedict Cumberbatch

Busy as I am with kids, husband, dog, house and a full time job, I am pretty late to catch on to any new popular culture or trend. And I mean YEARS late :p So I didn’t take time to try out the BBC series “Sherlock”  untill quite recently, when I found my self sitting up late and drinking wine, while the rest of the family had gone to bed hours before.

And I gotta say, by the end of the episode, I had to declare myself a cumberbitch! (Like so many, many, MANY other women out there)  So much so, I just HAD to go on the interwebs to see if I could find any saucy pictures of this actor ( Don’t judge. It was late and I was drunk and randy).

This is what I found:


Weeeell, fuck me sideways!!!!

This will do… This will do nicely.

Thank you, Mr. Cumberbatch!



The Sow


Appreciation of male beauty

The Sow and I, Powerfem, are great appreciators of male beauty.

You don’t see that very often. The randiness of women drooling over a nice piece of flesh.

Well, if you are anything like us, that is a completely normal, avarage,  heterosexual female, consider this your free space.

YES this is absolutely sexualizing and objectifying of the male body. And we love it!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

hot man water Kyle Clarke
Oh, I think I’ll join you there, I could use some cooling down

Model: Kyle Clarke